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Our Pet Urine Barrier Is Like Insurance for Your Floor
Eco Supreme


At Rug Pad Wizard our polypropylene backings grip the hard surface and our felt product grips your rug.
RPW Eco Premium 2020


Our rug pads are engineered
to maintain the thickness you select.
Whether you prefer thin to thick
we have it all for you

Floor Safety

Rug Pad Wizard pads are manufactured with materials that have passed the CRI Green Label Plus program. They will not stain, discolor or mar flooring.

Made in USA

Domestic manufacturing ensures the materials in these pads meet our strict standards. Delivery is made throughout the US and Canada.


High quality recycled materials allow us to offer a “Life of the Rug” Warranty on all of our “Eco” products.


Our Eco Products are made of recycled yarn and petroleum byproducts. This allows these products to be RECYCLED & RECYCLABLE. What better way to use waste? Our products DO NOT contain toxic materials that can negatively
affect indoor air quality.

Our Eco Products are Designed to Last The Life of the Rug

Many manufacturers offer rug pads that contain a group of toxic chemicals that can negatively affect the air quality in your home and destroy your floors. Others use clay as a binder that degenerates quickly and causes damage to your flooring materials.

The materials in our “ECO” products have been tested & approved as “GREEN LABEL PLUS” by the Carpet & Rug Institute

We, like you, want to protect Your Family, Your Home, Your Health & Your Planet!

Purchased from RPW

Our “Eco” Rug Pad

We offer a range of rug pads designed to fit every application. Eco materials protect your indoor environment & your floor.

Not Purchased from RPW

Not Our Rug Pad

Latex, PVC and other backings can deteroriate rapidly. Damaging your floors by staining, marring or discoloring your hardwood or tile.

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